About Us - We're small but we have a nice stock of hard-to-find vintage ribbons and trims.

Evening Bags - Velvet evening bags with pansy or rose adornment. Child and adult sizes. Kits for creating evening bags also available. 

Books - Instruction and resource books to delight and instruct.

Brooch Kits - Make beautiful Victorian style brooches with vintage and imported goods available on this website.

Embroidered Embellishments  - Use these delicate pieces of embroidery for brooch backs, accents in floral ribbon art, framed shadow box creation, hats, boudoir boxes or other exquisite heirloom piece.

Glossary - Handy description of terms used in creation of ribbon art. 

Instructions - A page containing a few tips and tricks and clues as to where to obtain additional information. Instructions for creating Victorian style brooches and instructions for stripping and dying ribbon can be found in books listed on our book page.

Inventory - Vintage Supply Company's current list of available items. Since many items are no longer manufactured, supplies are limited!

Kits - Order kits with all the essential ingredients needed to create beautiful Victorian style brooches—using vintage  supplies and imported French ribbons.

Leaves - Order hand-made leaves which have been fashioned from vintage ribbon or faux velvet leaves from items in our Sundries section. Many of our vintage ribbons have been hand-dyed into gorgeous blends of olive greens, violets and rust shades for use in creating your own beautiful leaves.

On-Line Order Form Click here to order ribbon packs and other items.

Pansy Kit Complete supplies to create a pansy brooch. All you need is hot glue.

Ribbon by the Yard - Descriptions and images of vintage and imported ribbons available through Vintage Supply Co. 

Sundries - Includes miscellaneous items such as stamens, vintage flower pods, special thread, leaves, embroidered pieces, floral spray and other items useful for ribbon art projects. 

Trims - Trims include imported vintage metal accent pieces, hand-dyed embroidered lace trim pieces, leaves, stamens, and other vintage finds.


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