NOTE: Most items are vintage finds... which means supplies are limited!
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Books - "How-to" instruction books.

Cords - Various metallic colors of cords to loop, wrap the end with a wire and then insert in brooches or ribbon art floral compositions.

Embroidered Pieces - Use these hand-dyed lacey pieces for "platforms" when making Victorian style brooches. Insert them into other floral creations for hats, bags and boxes.

Floral Spray - This spray is more like a "fairy dust" that can be applied to florals or fabrics. It provides a beautiful luster as a highlight to flowers or leaves.

Instructions - Easy-to-follow instructions for creating rose or pansy brooches or for stripping and dying ribbon. You'll find complete easy-to-follow instructions in all the kits and with the Introductory Ribbon Art Sampler Kit.

Kits - Enjoy creating Victorian style rose or pansy brooches and bags. Complete supplies and instructions included in each kit.

Leaves - We currently have shimmery leaves from Germany 

Metal Trim - A rare find. When these are gone, that's it! Some are rusty...only adds to their character. Some have tiny individual tags tied with thread, reading "Made in France." Very vintage. Very beautiful. Very limited supply.

Sewing Pins - These are the longest, sharpest, thinnest pins one could ever treasure! They have small heads for easy sew-over. Imported from Switzerland. Limited supply.

Pods - Made in occupied Germany. Marvelous pods for hats and large floral creations. Vintage. Limited supply.


  • Velvet - hand-dyed vintage and "virgin" vintage in limited colors

  • Satin - hand-dyed vintage, some two faced

  • Ribbed Sateen - unique vintage ribbon with "ribs" (grosgrain variation)

  • Grosgrain - soft and smooth, vintage 100% rayon

  • Seam Binding - vintage rayon, strippable, assorted colors

  • Wire Edge - 100% rayon, made in France, solids and ombre (variegated)

Seam Binding - Vintage seam binding made with 100% rayon. A rare find. This thin, woven edge ribbon provides a special look for certain flowers and leaves. Limited supply.

Stamens - Lovely little inserts for flower centers or to poke out from under a flower or leaf as a floral accent. Vintage stamens are hard to find. Limited supply.

Sundries - This page displays miscellaneous vintage items including:

  • Stamens

  • Leaves

  • Spray

  • Metal Trim

  • Embroidered Pieces

  • Thread

  • Millinery Pods

  • Pins

Thread - Strong, lo-drag thread for easy pulling of gathers when required for creating certain ribbon flowers.

Wedding Items
For the amateur and professional. Hard to find bridal items in cream and white shades with some "vintage ivy" coloring.  

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